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“Back on Track” has won the “Act for Impact” Public Award

Munich, 22.06.2017: The Berlin education initiative “Back on Track e.V.” will be honored with the “Act for Impact” Public Award in Munich on Thursday. “Act for Impact” is a funding program of four Munich universities, with which social entrepreneurs in the fields of education and integration are supported. The award is worth 3,000 Euros. “We are very happy about this award” says project leader Petra Becker. “Our 30-person volunteer team works with a lot of commitment and passion, and it is good to be recognized.”

“Back on Track” gives an individual opportunity to children and adolescents who were not able to attend school for years because of war and flight. WIth help from the method of guided self-learning, they can catch up to the education level of their peers. To this end, they are equipped with self-learning materials and work independently as far as possible. When they need help, they can ask their friends, their family, or their neighbors. When that is not enough, they can also receive support from tutors once a week. “Back on Track” mentors keep an eye on the educational process.

Support for tutors or mentors is offered by refugee teachers from the Arabic world, who are being trained for this task as members of “Back on Track.” Mariam Zughbi, who was in Munich to receive the prize, said about her project: “as a refugee it means a lot to me to contribute meaningfully to German society. It also gives me hope to one day gain a foothold as a teacher here.”

“Back on Track” is to be expanded beyond Berlin to further locations in Germany in 2017, and in 2018 into Syria’s neighbor-countries. While there are approximately 100,000 Syrian children and adolescents that need to be integrated into the school system in Germany alone, there are around 3 million school-age children in Syria’s neighbor-countries without any access to education.

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